Selected (recommended) Woodwind Quintets with Added Instrument or Voice

Standard Works

ComposerLNFN Title Difficulty Publisher Added Instr
Janacek, Leos Mladi Difficult HM Bass Clarinet
Poulenc, Francis Sextour Moderately difficult Hansen Piano
Thuille, Ludwig Sextet in B Flat Major, Op. 6 Medium International Music Company Piano

Other Selected Works

ComposerLNFN Title Difficulty Publisher Added Instr
Biggam, Mark Pied Piper of Hamelin, the Moderately difficult Unknown Narrator
Bolcom, William Five Fold Five Moderately difficult Theodore Presser Piano
Bolcom, William Scherzo Fantasy Moderately difficult Theodore Presser Piano
Carlson, Mark Nightwings Difficult Unknown Tape
Etler, Alvin Concerto Difficult AMP Violin
Françaix, Jean L’Heure de Berger Difficult Schott Music Company Piano
Gillingham, David Concerto for Woodwind Quintet and Wind Ensemble Medium David Gillingham Wind Ensemble
Gillingham, David Grand Variations and Theme on the Mavis Tune for Double Woodwind Quintet Moderately difficult David Gillingham Woodwind Quintet
Hoiby,Lee Sextet for Wind Quintet and Piano Moderately difficult Unknown Piano
Husa, Karel Serenade Moderately difficult Alphonse Leduc Piano
McMichael, Catherine Seven Saints and Sinners Medium Unknown Choir and Orchestra
Prokofiev, Sergei/Ostermeyer Peter and the Wolf Difficult Robert Ostermeyer Narrator
Riegger, Wallingford Concerto for Piano and Woodwind Quintet, Op. 53 Not rated Associated Music Publishers, inc. Piano
Rubin, Amy La Loba Very difficult Unknown Piano
Sapieyevski, Jerzy Arioso Moderately difficult Mercury Trumpet
Schafer, Murray Minnelieder Difficult Berandol Music Ltd. Voice-Medium
Schmidt, William Concertino for Tuba solo Medium Pillin Music Tuba